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If you have ever used WordPress, then you probably understand why so many people turn to this platform to grow their online presence.

Whether it be a small scale business or any private service, this platform has been the choice of many people around the world thanks to its user-friendly interface and easy to set up tools. But, as a business owner, if you are in a dilemma regarding what theme to choose for your WordPress profile, then worry not as we’ve got the answer.

Premiumpress coupon codeToday, we’re going to talk about a package of WordPress business themes going by the name of PremiumPress that is specifically meant to be used by niche market companies. In this PremiumPress review, we’re going to talk about its features, advantages, and what features that makes the theme package so attractive.

About PremiumPress themes

With over 30,000 subscribers in the list, this service has grown by leaps and bounds ever since it was founded in 2010. With most of the subscribers being individual users and small business owners, the company has tailored every feature to be of premium quality and suitable for all types of business needs.It doesn’t matter what your unique requirements are; PremiumPress has a theme that would suit you just right. E-commerce or discount websites, and everything in between, you’ll get all that you want with this package.

What are the features of PremiumPress?

As of now, there are over 70 themes that you can purchase from the PremiumPress marketplace for almost every type of business niche. However, we’ll keep our discussion limited to some of the most popular themes to give you an idea what’s in store.

1. Price comparison theme:

 People use the web for a variety of reasons, and one of them is comparing product prices among various websites. This niche is taking the world by storm and presents an excellent opportunity for you to develop a comparison website of your own and get a slice of the pie. Make the best use of it by managing affiliate sites that utilize SEO to bring in traffic.

2. Directory theme:

 Ever thought about building your own business or local directory website? Well then, now is the time to put your thoughts into action as this theme is just what you need to get started. You’ll find many great features that include the ability to create listings for both free and paid services.

3. Dating services theme:

 Through the AgencyPress theme, you can transform your regular WordPress site into a thriving online community where users can engage with one another to discuss various topics. You can also take control of the backend administration features and setup paid and free membership packages for the visitors.

4. Shopping cart theme:

 If e-commerce is your true calling, then transform your WordPress site into a fully functional e-commerce platform to sell your products and services. What’s better is that this theme is completely mobile responsive and packs a lot of unique features, meant to give you the leading edge.

5. Auction theme:

 If you want to create an auction website catering to a niche audience, go right ahead and build your own eBay or Flippa right from scratch. There is no need to spend an exorbitant amount of money and as a bonus, you’ll receive a mobile-friendly website as well.

6. Coupon theme:

 Who hasn’t heard about coupon and discount sites like Groupon? If you ever wanted to start a similar site but backed up by certain unique ideas, then this theme will help you to progress in many ways. This niche has become highly popular over the last five years and can make you a coupon kingpin if you play the cards right.

7. Classifieds theme:

 The classified theme of PremiumPress is one of the most used themes in the world as it allows users to buy and sell local services, post job listings, and do whatever else a classified website can offer.

Advantages of PremiumPress

The best thing about PremiumPress is that it offers the best value for money, unlike its rival brands Genesis and Thrive. You hardly need to spend $ 80 for each theme or $ 249 for the package.Complete Mobile access is another feature that cannot be ignored because smartphones are quickly taking over laptops and desktops as a preferred mode of connecting to the web.All the themes are based on HTML5 markup which is the latest and most visually attractive web standard.

You will get built in SEO tools for all your search optimization needs, eliminating any requirement of external SEO plugins.

Dedicated customer support service is at your disposal if you ever require any assistance. Also, you can join an active community of users for any help whatsoever.

Disadvantages of PremiumPress

Paying $ 80 for each theme might not be lucrative for everyone, so we suggest getting the full package by paying an amount of $ 249.try this site premiumpress discount coupon

Are PremiumPress themes right for you?

If you are a business owner who wants to give the brand an online presence without spending excessively on the cost of developing a website, then this is just what you need to get started. This theme package is ideal for small scale businesses who wants to garner more attention from potential customers and turn their local venture into a viable global scale enterprise.No longer will you have to put your dreams of business expansion on hold because marvelous business themes for your WordPress will give you complete control and easy access to hundreds of features.


This “all-in-one” PremiumPress package has almost every type of theme that you can imagine for particular types of businesses and niches. Each theme is filled with highly useful features and tools that give you complete combustibility power over your website. Also, you never have to worry about updates because your WordPress will always remain updated to the latest version and deliver solid content like always.
For what it’s worth, this is an incredible theme package for WordPress that offers a way too many features for you to enjoy. Hope you learned something by reading this PremiumPress review, and we hope it makes your choice of business themes much easier.

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