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Anybody looking to set up a service online needs to consider how he is going to get content delivered to his end users. If you have a website and want people to access it from all over the globe, then you need to make sure that the content is delivered to them from a point nearest to them than a localized server.


This is because as bandwidth travels a long distance, it slows down connection and user experience becomes poor. Then the end of it is dissatisfied clients/users. For this reason, MaxCDN becomes your perfect solution to Content Delivery requirements.

Introduction to MaxCDN:

MaxCDN is an online Content Delivery Network geared to enhance content delivery over the internet. It is a hosting service for open source projects. MaxCDN helps reduce server load on your hosting account by reducing the number of queries made to your server as your website loads.

It hosts most of the programs (languages used in development that need to be loaded every time a user sends request to the server) that you would like to deliver to end user like jQuery, Bootstrap, FontAwesome, etc.

Outstanding features of MaxCDN:

Global Presence

No matter where your website visitors come from, they will always be served with data from a location nearest to them. This ensures fastest delivery and best user experience which improves your end-user engagement with your project.

Smart Connection

Connection between your end-user and your data is quickened by removal of obstacles on the way. MaxCDN gets direct access from most ISPs through their peer agreements. This will surely reduce the time taken for delivery, even on slow connection and thus improving user experience.

Accelerated Data Delivery

By use of packet shaping, MaxCDN manages to deliver content at the best possible speed by use of their own routers. The end result is great user experience.

Why Choose MaxCDN:

Before making a choice on a service to use, you will always need to consider whether what they offer suits your needs. Here are a few of the most important reasons to choose MaxCDN as your preferred Content Delivery Network.

Realtime analytics

You need to make sound judgment about how the service is helping your business. You need to understand how your end-users are interacting with your application in real time, no need to wait for analytical data for days.


With SSL activation you ensure that your data is encrypted as it is delivered to your end-users. Activation of SSL on your service is fast and totally free.

API Access

If you are the tech guru that want to access your service and analysis using an API from other applications, then you have full access to tools to help you setup and have full control from a centralized place.

Fast and Prompt Customer Support

There is no need to use a service you cannot get support for. With MaxCDN, you are assured to get help, for both simple and complex situations. The support team is available around the clock for help on phone call, live chat support and ticket system. Response on ticket is usually below five minutes.


MaxCDN ensures that your budget is safe by offering quality service without extra cost. No need to pay for SSL, no bandwidth expiry (just make use of it in the next subscription period), no contacts signing – you can cancel service any can grab maxcdn coupon code from official site 🙂

MaxCDN is definitely the ultimate solution to your CDN needs. Just get yourself an account and start delivering content in realtime – no inconveniences.

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