How to Use S2Member WordPress Plugin?


Probably some of you have not heard about s2member plugin and are probably wondering what it is. Well, you definitely are in the right place.This is a powerful wordpress plugin that functions to turn your website into a private online club or community. It basically does this by providing both free and paid registration capabilities as well as restricting your content.This means that you can specifically choose a group of audience that you want your contents displayed to.During this summer sale discount offer,you can get additional 25% off on single website license & multiple site license using exclusive s2member coupon code ,this coupon available at official s2member site

How to use s2Member?

This entails having your s2Member configured the right way. However, in order to do this you need to know exactly that which you want to do so that you may choose the most appropriate settings to see you through its application.

1.) Have a well set laid out plan.

Yes, it all starts with having a set of clear and well-defined instructions summed up into your plan. If you want s2Member installed in your system then you definitely have content you want displayed to members on your website. Moreover, it is important to specify what content you wish to protect and from who.

Just but to break it down a bit, a visitor who checks on your site will only be given access to the unrestricted part of your site. If they try to access the restricted part, then they will only get redirected to your membership options page that contains the link to pages you have set up payment pro-forms.

2.) Registration process;-

a.) Via the paypal button.

A visitor will click on the paypal subcription option after being redirected to it from your membership options page. They will then redirected back to paypal to agree with the terms, conditions and pricing.

On completion they will be redirected back to your site afterwhich they will have to activate their account. Registration can then commence afterwards by creating ones username and filling in their profile details. When done, they can then login to your welcome page via their passwords.

b.) Using the Pro-forms.

Several additional payment gateaways are offered by s2Member pro for instance stripe and bitcoins, click bank as well as paypal payment options. In order to access these, your visitor will click on a link offering a membership opportunity. This link will redirect them to a page with a paypal pro-form where they will be required to complete their details in the required fields.

They will then either be redirected to paypal or credit card based on their preferences. Credit card transcations takes place wholly on your website.

3.) The Log-In welcome page.

This is what is displayed to the visitor when he or she first logs in to your site. This is where all your creativity as the owner comes in hence you have to customize your welcome page and make it appealing.

This basically concludes the whole set up and registration process of an s2Member plugin. As you can see, it is basically simple and straight foward both to the visitor and the website owner as it is quite short. With the current increasing demand for information, the s2membership plan is a reliable way of displaying information from websites at a fee hence being of benefit to both the visitor and the owner.

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