Have You Heard? Thrive Content Builder Is Your Best Bet To Grow

Thrive Content Builder is a new plugin for wordpress which is specially designed to develop and edit content at advanced level. It is ideally a one-click solution to whatever you want to create. If you want to edit anything, you just click it and Thrive Content Builder will do the rest.

It is highly productive and designed to edit or build your content in the easiest and fastest way possible. Using it also means improving your creative skills and bringing diversity to your creations. It is built on the simple theory which holds that whatever you want to edit, you simply click it and voila. Let us look at some of the features that gives it a cut above the rest.I have found blogging start on google offering thrive themes discount code,you can get huge savings on thrive membership

Key Features

• Buttons & Call to Action (CTA)

Adding buttons is as simple as copy pasting text. Just click on the button option in the right element bar and place it anywhere on the page you want it to be. It is as simple as that. You may edit the buttons as per the style, size and color you want.

Button alignment and various other options will make it look as easy as editing a text document. Adding a CTA element is also available in the same element panel. It is an important aspect of your business. Just click on CTA option in the panel, drag it on the page and edit it as per your requirement.

• Testimonial Element

Testimonials are part of the key information for your page. They persuade customers and act as a helping tool to increase your sales. Thrive Content Builder is designed to help you add and edit your testimonial element within no time.

• Content Reveal

It is always a good idea to provide information regarding your brand to your targeted audience before you ask them to buy it. Timing really matters in the sales and marketing world. Content Reveal option will enable you to use the Call to Action tool in the most appropriate way. Select the content you want to reveal set the time frame of its appearance and it will present the idea at the right time.

• Pricing Tables

Thrive Content Builder will allow you to add pricing table on your web page simply by clicking them on the element panel and dragging onto the page. Once the table is added you can edit it by simply clicking on whatever you see. This feature will help you create pricing tables in just a few clicks.

• Countdown Timer

Adding time reference is very important in order to achieve maximum output from your promotional sales offers and other campaigns. When a customer observes that this offer is heading towards expiry, they take their decisions comparatively quicker than usual.

Thrive content builder also has Countdown Evergreen which is user specific. It will allow the user to receive the timelines about his multiple logins to the same website.

• Responsive Videos

This feature brings the visual diversity and increases the element of persuasion. You can post videos regarding your product and other reference material with this option.

• Automatic TOC Element

Thrive Content Builder comes with automatic Table of Content feature. It helps you create the table of content for your long posts automatically. It helps you manage long blogs and articles.

• Lead Generation

Lead generation is the backbone of online businesses. Thrive Content Builder is equipped with lead generation element. Just drag the element to the page and it will create a sign-up form for you. You don’t have to design the forms from scratch anymore, just click it and drag on the screen to complete.


  • Time efficient
  • Surprisingly Simple
  • Advanced Editing tools
  • New Creative Options
  • Affordable Price


  • You can only use it with your new content because of drag and drop option.
  • Needs more marketing


Thrive Content Builder is highly recommended for all the professional users in the industry. It will surely change the way you create and think. Consider it as a milestone in the beginning of new era for content creation.

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