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Arxive is a web hosting company in California that hosts numerous small businesses and personal websites. It is among the oldest web hosting companies and dates back to 2003.

Arxive’s survival up to date given the rapid growth of the technology industry exhibits its strength, competence, and innovation. It has established a name for itself with its operations extending up to global scale. One main objective of every company is to stay relevant in its respective industry and exist in the foreseeable future.

With the volatility evident the technology industry flexibility and creativity is of the essence to match the changing needs of consumers. In view of this, a review of Arxive’s performance in various areas is in order.

Web Hosting Packages

Price has always been a factor and this is no different in web hosting. Arxive has managed to maintain attractive web hosting packages over the years. The most common pocket-friendly packages are the Personal Class Shares Web Package and the Business Class Hosting package.sometimes they offer arvixe discount for their valuable customer

The packages timelines are mostly annually or monthly which is friendly to most consumers. The personal Class web package costing as low as $5 per month while the Business Class package going for as low as$22 per month.

These prices are affordable. Additional benefits such as free domain names, unlimited storage and bandwidth and unlimited data transfers also accompany the packages.


Security is a basic feature for any web hosting company especially those dealing with e-commerce. Personal and financial information databases need to be under secure servers. Arxive has ensured its websites are secured with top-class security features for even the most basic web hosting plan. Firewalls, encryption, and regular security updates ensure the websites are free from hackers and viral attacks

User interface

Any web hosting company should ensure a user-friendly interface in performing functions such as installing word press and setting up email. Arxive has offers word press hosting with an organized layout for the user to install. You are allowed to install word press domains up to a maximum of six.

Each word press domain in Arxive has monthly data transfers and unlimited storage so you don’t have to worry about the website’s bandwidth.

Email features

Email capabilities are fully enabled in Arxive. With access to an unlimited number of email accounts and the ability to use email aliases. Arxive takes the initiative of creating an email account in the preliminaries stages of the sign-up process then you can create more email accounts

Technical support

There have been numerous consumer complaints about Arxive’ s customer services. Most attempts to contact the technical desk result to being put on hold or busy lines. However through a public statement, it has recommended the use of their web chat for any help.

Web hosting system

Of late Arxive has trouble with their web hosting service. Due to inadequate servers, Arxive has been unable to keep websites up and running. This has seen them make a recent move of upgrading their server together with their hardware to correct such faults and increase the uptime of the websites they are hosting.

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